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Re: amancipation

From: Teacher @ School of Hard Knocks
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 18 Jun 2005
Time: 06:49:03
Remote Name:


Well, first of all, "Sexy", you need to learn to spell the word: it's Emancipation - with an "E", not an "a". Second, but I'm sure you know this, it's Bitch, not "Biotch", which, although used a lot by young folks today, sounds really retarded, makes you look like a mindless idiot who follows any trend and fears personal expression, probably because she has very few opinions worth expressing -- if she's even bothered to think on anything long and hard enough to actually FORM an opinion. Second, your screen name screams out "Rape Me!". Trust me, I know...been there, done that. Take it from an older woman who thought she was pretty hot shit at your age, and who ignored her mother, and went whereever she wanted, whenever she wanted, with whomever she wanted...and got raped three ain't "all that". Not yet, anyway. Now, you could BECOME "all that", and then some, if you chill on the attitude. Being cocky, announcing yourself as "sexy" and a "bitch" (er, excuse me -- "biotch"), and refusing to work with those in (ugh - I hate this next word)... authority (whew, there, I got it out), will only serve to make you unready, unwilling, and unable to cope and survive -- much less succeed and thrive -- in the "real world". That's right, the "REAL world", you know, where you have to pay your own bills and have a job that will allow you to do that. Let's see what kind of job you'll have to get to support yourself the way you imagine, the way you desire: Let me probably daydream about an emancipated life, free from the bondage of your parents: you probably want... - designer label clothes and quality shoes (figure for a decent wardrobe, $5,000 just to start it, plus about $1,500/year to maintain and upgrade it); - and you probably want a hip new car with killer tunes ($30,000, with $5,000 down and $400/month payments, plus full coverage insurance while you pay off the car at $2,500/year, comes to $10,500 THE FIRST YEAR, not including gas, oil, maintenance); - and I'll bet you'd like to own your own home some day, huh ($500,000, takes $100,000 down, plus $1,500/month payments IF you have perfect credit, comes to $118,000 IN THE FIRST YEAR), - and have furniture that isn't made from milk crates ($28,000 to furnish a 3 BR house w/full kitchen, all up front); - and utilities (you know, electricity, water, phone -- $3,000/year w/out a cell phone...but, oh, yes, you're a teenager, so the Cell is a MUST -- make that $8,000/year for utilities); - and then there's groceries ($4,000/year if you have no kids)... OK, we're up to almost $174,000 COUGHED UP IN A YEAR'S TIME, just to get you rollin'. How do you plan to acquire all that money, Miss Sexy? Become a stripper? A hooker? A waitress? A cashier? but...oh, probably also dream of having a family some day, meeting some really cool guy who has a great job and will support you because you're Sexy, and having a couple kids. By the way, really cool guys aren't always really cool, and really great guys don't like "biotches"; they like intelligent women who speak well and who they can have a conversation with, who have quick wits and can make them laugh, who are responsible and can hold down a decent job and help pay the bills. One thing all guys have in common, though, is that they want a wife who will do most of the housework and take really good care of the kids with almost no help from them (the guy)...because they want to watch TV and drink beer, or go hang out with the boys, or whatever, free from the bondage of -- can you guess? -- the wife. Aah, as you don't want the bondage of your mother, men don't want the bondage of a wife. But you're right about one thing, they all want a woman who's Sexy. No doubt about that. They all want a smart, funny woman who holds down a good job, brings home about half the family's money, does all the housework, does all the parenting, pays all the bills, never complains, and who is a sexy biotch slut in bed who will make their every dream cum true. Girl, you need a reality slap. You'd better have a lot of things well planned out before you even THINK about "emancipation". Now, if your mother's a total loser, unemployed, welfare, drunk or high on heroine all the time, house if filthy, no food in the fridge, power keeps getting turned off, she screams at you and beats you... THEN it would be right and best to get the hell away from her -- through emancipation. Otherwise, sit your little ass down and start figuring out how you're going to pay for all the things you want to get out of life, and stop dreaming about some fantasy world where everything's good just because you're mom's not in it. THAT is NOT reality, and I'm only saying this because if you keep going the way I sense you're going, you're in for a world of hurt. Good luck.

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