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From: "logeth"
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Date: 05 Aug 2005
Time: 15:07:47
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My girlfriend's mother has called the police on us befor for so called "stealing" her car, mind you I have three different people who were there to hear her say I could us the car. Yes I have a licens. Her mother has had her(my girlfriend) commited several times for listing to rap and other types of music. We have found the old meds the doc gave my girlfriend in the mothers room and they were half-full. This womens actions is causing physical damge to my girlfriend. Now the mother I threating to call the police again because she found out we've been seeing eachother. I honestly lover her. She has a job and will be 17 in setember is there any that could be done to stops this rampaging mother before I go to jail for being in love with my girlfriend. We've (my mother, my girlfriend, and me) have talked about amancipation, but we dont know what shold be done. If any one knows please email me at . I want to get her out of that house before her mother gose too far.

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