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wife filed restraining order/court hearing aug 18

From: grand mama
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 11 Aug 2005
Time: 03:19:49
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I petition my fiancée, together with my child in the Philippines and arrived here last year on August 7, 2004. We got married September 11, 2004. After the marriage, she do not want to apply for adjustment of status yet and I do not know why, as I said to her that if she do not have a green card within two years she will be deported. But she did not care. She started working at the casino WITHOUT WORK PERMIT and I told her to get a work permit, but someone told her that she do not need a work permit as she has a social security number already. She is only 20 years old and will be 21 this coming October 1, 2005. She play at the casino sometimes and I told her too that she is not 21 yet, the police might get her, but she said the police knows her. No big deal. For many days and months pass by she go to work and after work instead of going home she go with friends and co-workers to disco and party. She do not take any more responsibility to her child and husband. She do not even make a call and tell me where she is going. She lied to me all the time and she told my Mom that she is working when she did not know we are calling the casino if she is there. She like to be free and be with friends. At home all she did is sleep all day, wake up and go to work and go shopping. For the past few months, there are some problems with our marriage and I found out that she is cheating. Since then I did not talk to her. My mom, sister, brother, father and brother in law lives in the house and they know that there is no domestic violence in the house. We are happy people, even though we have problem, my son is our happiness in the house and our angel, we are not violent people. My wife told my Mom that she wants to moved out and live with her friend. My mom pleaded to her not to go because of the child. Unfortunately, she does not listen. Last July 25, 2005 she left the house and abandon her 2 years old son. Since then she have not come home. We tried all the means of communicating to her but she does not want to call back. We know she is working at the casino but she do not want to get our call. We only want to know why she does not want to come back and if she do not miss her son. I went to the Police station and ask them to talk to her and that is how I knew all the lies she is telling to the police, that she is afraid to go home because I will beat her. I am not a violent person and I never did lay a hand on her, and god is my witness. MY mom said that if she wants to stay here in USA she can stay but she do not have to lie just to stay here in USA and that there is domestic violence in the house and there are Physical Abuse. My mom said GOD work in mysterious ways. Yesterday, She filed a restraining order to me and came into the house get all her things and also filed a Domestic abuse. She also get my son and my mom cried so much all day and all night as my son is the angel of the house. Up to now my mom is worried about the safety of my son. Who will take care of my son if she goes to work? She neglected my son many times, that is why my mom took over the needs of my son. She is an unfit mother and also abuses my son many times. She does not even change my son diapers for the whole days and never give him a bath. What she did is put her perfume to my son so he won’t smell. When my mom has a doctor appointment, my mom told her to call the casino that she will be late for 2 hours but what she did is took the baby to the casino while she is working. She did not know the consequence of what she does. If her way to stay here in USA is saying we have domestic violence in the house, I hope it is worth for the lives of my son who is in her custody now. She is an unfit mother and I hope my son won’t be neglected in her care.

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