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Re: There are millions of people getting married just to obtain a green card.

From: Rick
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Date: 11 Aug 2005
Time: 06:17:31
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This unfortunate situation occurs, more than we care to know and the press never prints the enormity of the problem.It gets worse. When you finally realized you've been had, the government, in it's desperation for "revenues", tells these "illegals", that to circumvent the marriage and the waiting period,, just accuse the husband/wife of "domestic violence" and she/he will be given a green card immediately. Now, suddenly, some illegal "wetback" whom you brought into the country and the only reason she/he was able to make it to the "Land of the free and the home of the brave" is you, is trying desperately to have you locked up, with the full cooperation of YOUR OWN government. ARE WE SICK OR WHAT? I suggest, before she/he gets an attorney who will "coach" her/him as to how to mess your life up for years to come, YOU file for divorce and custody of your child A.S.A.P. Explain in detail exactly what you wrote on your post and ask the "Homeland Security' that you no longer want to "sponsor" this pest and file a petition asking them to "remove" her from the U.S.A. You either do this fast or she will make your life miserable for years to come.Of course, with the full cooperation of the U.S.A. government. Once again, do it fast. This is a very common problem and many U.S. citizens, man and women, have been profoundly damage by these leeches.

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