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Help, I think I was/am being abused

From: 14 year old girl
Conditions of use: accepted & agree
Date: 19 Aug 2005
Time: 21:51:39
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What can I do to make abuse stop? I've tried calling 1800-4-A-CHILD but they said they needed evidence or something. I donít know who to talk to or get help from. I have two good friends but its very hard for me to trust people or talk to them about this. The only one who I can talk to is my cat, but he doesnít really respond well. The physical abuse began at age four or five. I was spanked, hit with a belt, shaken, and so on by my mom who divorced in a few months. Mom and dad always argued and dad ended up cheating. The they tried to kill each other a few times. Then they both tried abducting me and stuff. One of my step fathers has tried throwing me out the window/over a balcony a few times. He tried choking me too to find out if my mom was cheating or not (from me). The verbal abuse has been there forever. Mom always threatens me with punishment and calls me names. Mom always blames EVERYTHING on me and if I disagree or get angry, I get hit. Iíve been neglected ages eight through ten. Mom didnít buy food and I was very very thin for a while. I've never been hugged or anything since I was four. And when I was, it felt weird. And I think I was sexually abused at an early age by a friend and then later on by a doctor. I think Iím losing my mind and Iím going to end up poisoning my mom or doing drugs/drinking like my stepdads.

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