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abused, neglected and now sexually abused 2 1/2 year old Thanks to CPS

From: very upset grandmother
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Date: 20 Aug 2005
Time: 05:19:49
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I thought CPS was to protect a innocent child? We have pictures of lots of abuse, 2 videos done by 2 diiferant pyscologist that prove it all. CPS is still sticking up for the mother. Where is Justice? She beats her and even burns her with Cigarettes. She brought guys in her house she didnt even know from the computer and now one has Molested the baby. She still let him babysit the kids knowing he done this. She still sticks up for him over her own little girl. The guy just was arrested thank god but the mother is just as guilty. It makes me sick thinking of this. My son ( her Father) is really having a rough time also . Can you please all pray for us and mainly for little AAliyah that this abuse will stop and that CPS will take over and get that baby out of there. Thanks and if you have anything that will help please let me know

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