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meth addict and child visitation

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Date: 22 Aug 2005
Time: 20:20:36
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My son's father is a meth addict and has been for 5-6 years. In the last 4 years he has changed so much. He has lost 60 pounds, he has sores all over his body and he shakes like he has parkinson's disease. He is very moody and is very poorly dressed (the same clothes everyday and dirty). He still picks our child up every other weekend but he is not properly caring for him. He feeds him barely a meal a day and some times it is a pack of pop tarts and that is it. He lets him run free to other people houses, parks and just in and out all day as his father sleeps till 5 or 6 pm. He doesn't wash his clothes or have him take a bath or brush his teeth. I am very worried about the other meth addicts that come to the house and the worry of a meth lab. His father has shown by being unempl for over 2 years, the long patterns of sleeping, the weight loss, sores and shaking that the drugs are in control of his life. I am scared for my son, I have talked to many people no one seems to care until my son has been hurt and I have proof. What do I do?

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