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How to prove abuse?

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Date: 27 Aug 2005
Time: 19:15:33
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I am filing for a mod. of custody & support, I want custody of my 2 children 12& 10, my ex and i have joint cust. but he was out of the picture for 6 yrs and within the last 2 yrs he has come back like never being gone. That is not the problem, he was/ is abusive. The children keep coming home after their weekends and telling me that he is hitting them and sending them to their rooms for the whole day without any lights or anything or locking them outside the whole day. He has knocked out my son 12 and is cons. callind him a son of a b***h and other names, he has a 2 yr old son that he spoiles in front of them and yet tells them that he can't afford to buy them anything. I have called DFS and they said that they believed me but have no proof, my son told them and so did my daughter, but without marks or a witness I can't prove it! The DFS dept. is really protecting them! Well I went to my lawer and asked for them to talk to the judge and tell him, will this work? We have an order for an in camera case? Just asking for advice. I am scared avery time I send them to thier father's. advice please. Thank you!

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