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Re: childs mental abuse!! custody from abuse isn't just that simple...

From: Tammur
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Date: 16 Sep 2005
Time: 03:13:39
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Have you found a solution to this? I'll share a little bit about my family's life with mental abuse. Actually if it is mental abuse that is worthy for court attention they call it "mental injury" and it is punishable by law. My son has gone through this with his own father since he finally got to meet him at 4 1/2 yrs old, he's now 12 and it has drove him to the point of ending up for a 3 day visit to a juvenile psych hosp. The doctor there is the one who initiated the "mental injury" case because of the humiliating and degrading things his father had said and done to him. I'm greatful that someone finally listened and believed this child, because mental abuse is VERY hard to prove and even harder to get a judge to listen to and take serious. 2 things to consider in this... 1. From a person who's been there, once DHS or CPS is in your life you can't get them out of it. We're into our second year with them right now and I'm not found guilty of anything! They begin to treat you that way tho after awhile. It's maddening! They think they own you and your kids. Whether you're the guilty party or not if you don't do every little thing they say as to how they see fit to have you raise your own child, suddenly you're looking at a case on you. They bully you and scrutinize you to an extreme. It's EXTREMELY hard on a family. 2. If you think it's worthy of getting your child out of the situation, they only way you'll get it done is to take the child to a psychologist. They'll see right through it if you're "feeding" them, if the child is lieing, and if it's damaging to them they'll know how to get help for that child. Just be ready for what comes after that... I have never had dealings with DHS before but I can tell you now that they don't necessarily make children's lives better, and they don't always help families. Just be careful what you wish for.

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