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From: Needing help/information. ASAP
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Date: 27 Sep 2005
Time: 23:40:51
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I live in alaska, I was just wondering--What is considered child abuse here? I've seen my ex violently fly into a rage (because the kids were being a little loud--he hates noisy kids) & grab one up by his arm (5 yrs old) & haul him into a dark cold room & lock him in there, making scary sounds & then shove door into him hurting him. Another time fly into rage, chase and kick another on his thigh (HARD) & again on his butt. BTW he used to hit, pinch, bite me, plus call me names, putdowns..ect Also he's an alcoholic & a cronic liar. Now i find out he's locked my sons brother (6 yrs old) in a closet & kept kicking him--this happened recently. Is this considered child abuse?? PLEASE HELP!?

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