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Re: Parent Alienation/Malicious Mother Syndrome

From: GAIL
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Date: 17 Oct 2005
Time: 07:14:35
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We are going through the same thing and our attorney has won several cases involving this issue. The mother of my husband's son is now trying to bring in his other son age 8, and it's taking it's toll on all of us, but especially my step sons. My own son was put in the middle of this through her allegations our children were removed from our home. This has nothing to do with the children it is all about control. Unfortunately the kids are the real victims. The tides are beginning to turn for us, all of the government agencies involved are starting to see what is going on, and yes I can say it's been a living hell that I don't see ending in the very near future, but there are things you can do. GET A GOOD LAWYER and preferrably one who understands this syndrome. And read up on malicious mother syndrome as much as you can, also if she has made repeated flase allegations you can notify the authorities who will flag any files they have regarding those unsubstantiated claims which now discredits her. Also, if you are dealing with government agencies and have warned them, you can give them a final waarning that if the child(ren)'s attitude has changed due to this (not knowing how long this has been going on it may vary) you can actually sue those agencie and you can sue her civily and put her in litigation hell forcing her to prove her allegations. Liars lie enough they sometimes begin to believe their own lies, but make sure you have support of people that know how your husband is with his child(ren) you may need them as character witnesses. And last but formest avoid appearing vindictive, that will hurt your case! I know that's an especially hard one, but it won't help your case. Once you clear up the mess she is creating and go on the offensive, you can nail her! Good luck and say a prayer for the kids and that very ill woman. Then say a prayer for yourself and husband, it works. Sincerely, Gail from IL

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