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lost custody, feel i have been railroaded please give advice

From: darksideofthemoon
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Date: 23 Oct 2005
Time: 19:07:16
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i know i will receive a lot of bull but i desperatly hope to find some goodness as well. 2yrs ago i threw a chunk of wood over my backyard fence it struck my daughter. i know it was careless and stupid of me not to double check that she and her bub was out of the way. she wasnt hurt, a small bruise under her eye and a line on her arm. when she went to school the principal asked her how she got the bruise. my girl told the truth and said mom hit me from there it went down hill. when she tried to tell them it was an accident and what happened the told her accidents from mommy's don't happen and that she was lying about the wood. they called children services and the cops. they stripped her to her shift took pictures of her with these 6 people in the room asking questions. she was hysterical after 3hrs and told them i hit her on purpose with a belt.her brother tried telling them the truth but they kept calling him a liar too. (he has mental problems aspergers syndrome.) he never told them the same thing twice. one of the social workers use to be his counselor before working there and reported about my mental illness and other information from when she worked there. i have agrophobia, with intense panic\anxiety attacks around others especially in automobiles. my court appointed attorney kept yanking me around until i agreed to no defense and accepted 2 hrs a week supervised visitation.after 2 yrs i was desperate to be with my children. their life has gone down hill they go to school poorly dressed and unkempt, he calls them names and other things.what can i do my kids want to come home badly they are 10yrs and 9yrs. my little girl blames herself and she says some heartbreaking sh!t for example if i was stronger and not lied things would be different,or iwas a scaredy cat and made things bad. please help if not for me then for these kids.

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