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From: Crystal
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Date: 08 Nov 2005
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I am a happily married mother of 3 boys. My oldest boy (lukis) is 5 and visits his biological father every other weekend. I have tried to get his father to go to mediation and parenting classes but he refuses and is 900 dollars behind in child support. My son has been coming home telling us that his dad says he doesnt have to listen to us and that we are not his family. My ex and I were never married (in fact) he didnt even want to be in his life until my son was 4 yrs old. Just recently my son told us that if he calls my husband dad then his dad will spank him and take his toys away. He has also been extremely violent to my 2 yr old and tells me that if he doesnt hurt his little brother that the "bad guys from jail" will come "kill" him. I dont know what to do. Ive contacted state, they wont help and lawyers tell me i have no case. What am I supposed to do, just sit around while my son is being mentally and emotionally attacked by his father? Anybody been through this that can give me some insight in this? I lose sleep, getting depressed I just feel alone.... He has also called state on us making outrageous claims. My son has been seeing a psychologist for a year and his father didnt know until about 4 months ago. Now he wants a new psychologist and is making appointments behind my back and making them forhis weekend. I am not against him going for asecond opinion but I have every reason to believe he is trying to get him to stay outrageous things to another psychologist and trying to take him. I was told bu my ex that I am not allowed to go. Should I go anyways or would that cause too much of a scene?

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