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My son was sexually abused by a 16 year old underfathers care, and then his father beat him with a belt naked in the middle of the street

From: niki
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Date: 10 Nov 2005
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My son was sexually abused by a 16 year old boy that his father had him around and then his father took him in the middle of the street and beat him naked with a belt, the biological father has not been in his life for 2 years since this incident and now he wants to see him, so i got the hospital report, getting the police report, also getting the cps report on what he did, then i spoke to his probation officer and this man had a bench warrent issued to him on feb 17 2005 for not complying with probation and then went to jail sep 02 2005 for 20 days and also his probation was terminated without successfuly accomplishing his probation then he has a case pending right now for resisting and assault and battery, I want to get his rights terminated and also my son said he does not want his name, and also my son is terrified of this man, and i tried to get a protection order but they will not give me one, they said friend of the court takes care of the children which that never happend with my son, also he lives in the same house with the woman that watched my son get beat, and also she did not stop the beating, the neighbors outside had to stop the beating, the man never pays childsupport,and when he does pay its like 24.00 what are you going to do with 24.00..

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