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Re: What is seen as child abuse/neglect?

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Date: 24 Dec 2005
Time: 21:55:20
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in many states, not if the parent cannot help but be in that situation...not having food in the home is NOT abuse, if they cannot afford food and have not tried public resources, electricity being off is not abuse, unless they have the means to pay it...and if I were you...IF you are the NCP making allegations such as these due to NEED (like they are poor) you are very likely to end up with everyone on your butt since as the non custodial parent you too have an obligation to support your child, so if you are NOT paying support, you are in effect FORCING homelessness, utility shut offs, and possible hunger etc...the FEDERAL guidelines REQUIRE federal involvement if the paying parent is allowing a child to live in squallor so instead of you fighting only support enforcement you could end up fighting the federal authorities

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