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Custody Training
Custody Evaluation Video for use in a custody evaluation available direct download or DVD.

Win Child Custody Video (recommended for everyone involved in a child custody case) available in direct download or DVD


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The following are Custody Evaluation topics covered in the hour and a half Custody Evaluation Video available on DVD or VHS.  You will receive an overview and then detailed description of the custody evaluation process, what the order of appointments will be and what the evaluator is looking for.  In addition, you will learn what Not to do.

Custody Evaluation Topics

Psychological Testing Home Visits Presenting Parenting Issues Presenting Abuse Issues
Presenting Drug Issues Presenting Alcohol Issues Presenting Parental Alienation What Not To Do
Presenting Domestic Violence Issues Lying Issues Sexual Abuse Issues Child Neglect Issues
How to Encourage Child Contact Logs What Evaluators Like To See Body Language
Parent/Child Bonding Discipline Issues Evaluator Selection Step-Parent Role
Child Corroboration Presenting Concerns Documentation The Report and Recommendations
Evaluation Research

Research Topics:

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