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Re: custody evaluation?

From: nativeamericanwoman
Date: 01 May 2002
Time: 02:20:31
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I have had joint custody with my abusive ex for the past 6 years. i am currently trying to get sole custody, visits stopped or supervised visits. About 2 years ago, my son was spanked with a board by his father. i followed all the proper stuff, called social services took my son to the ER and notified and talked with the staff at the school. All they did was write a letter to my ex saying that it was not right to do this type of discipline. Case shut. We moved out of state, and had visits modified, during these visits, my son is NOT allowed to take a bath or shower, because they need to save water. They live in a rural area(which looks more like a construction site) in a trailer, I do know that they have running water, because my dad's friend owns a race track near by. I was looking into having someone look at the living conditions at his house. It is a 3 bdrm and there are:my son's dad, SM, 4 Step sisters(one of them has a family of her own: two kids), 1 step brother. My ex is the only working and my son says that when he's at work, SM only feeds him once a day, more if his dad or grandpa is there. She lets her children eat all meals. my son has ADHD and requires more frequent meals throughout the day, this condition his father has not recognized for the past 4 years and says it's from sugar. Do you think with these reasons, an evaluation would be appropriate?

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