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Re: I need to find someone to do a home studie

From: Sally
Date: 01 Jun 2002
Time: 05:20:12
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Can you afford part of it now, part later? I've not been sure about the differences between home study and psych eval. and custody eval. I went through a custody evaluation which also included psychological evaluations. May still be different in some ways from a home study - I'm not sure. I think a custody eval is typically done by a psychologist. I have heard of some horror stories of people being appointed an evaluator and the person is biased, or doesn't follow a thorough study and then you have a mess on your hands. In that sense, I think its good you were asked to pick one although I'm confused why they ask you to pick an agency (what kind of agency). So this may not be helpful at all since I'm still not totally clear on the courts requirements for where you go. With that said, I'd get in two or three consultations with good attorneys - you can usually find some who will give a free phone consultation at least. Do the legwork and get referrals for ONE OF THE BEST evaluators in your area. Thats the most important first step, ignoring the financial problems. In my case, the evaluator asked for a deposit to begin the evaluation. The evaluation took exactly two months.(There was a three month waiting list before that point) He requested full payment by the end of the evaluation, before he would submit the report. Worst case scenerio is you can't get the money in right away and it stalls the process. But if you think you can gradually pay the cost, it would be well worth it. I can relate to money issues, but I would strongly encourage you to go with who sounds the best. It would cost a little more than the average guy but the reality is is once the recommendation comes out, its your main tool for resolving the issues. Try getting free legal opinions, sharing some of your situation and then talk to the evaluators they recommend to see if they offer some kind of gradual payment plan. If you can swing that at least you'll feel good about having got the process underway. Hope that works.

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