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child not born yet

From: marycurrey@tafsec.net
Date: 10 Jun 2002
Time: 15:31:18
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My son's girlfriend is 2 1/2 months pregnant and after living together for 2 weeks she gave hime a black eye, bite his arm , and hit him with a broom handle in the ribs. Two days later she came to his work and hit him over the head with a springler ,(she ripped off of wall) and he required three stitches. he got a temporary PFA on her. She has been traveling with the carnival and didn't show up for her high school diploma. She hasn't been back to the doctor and has no vitamins. What can my son to do make sure his baby is born healthy? He plans on trying to take full custody once the child is born. She is on adult probabation right now and I was wondering if she misses a session with him can they possible put her in lock up. She has been there constantly since she was 12. If she is in lock up when the baby is born can my son still get the baby. My son is 21 , holds down a descent job and pays his bills. What can he do to try and win custody. Please help him. He is very upset because he is afraid he won't get custody. Her mom is a crack head and there are 6 adults and 2 young children with in the home and two pitbulls and several cats in a 2 bedroom home. Please help us. We are devasted with what might happen after this child is born. Thank You

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