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Second homestudy!

From: Julie
Date: 24 Jul 2002
Time: 13:59:36
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I"m on my second homestudy.....! First one went in favour (insane) of my ex. Simple reason....GET THIS.....I had to leave the home to escape his sexual abuse, financial abuse etc.....!!! I moved to a beautiful acreage with horses, and dogs and cats.....but none of that mattered. Not even the fact that the child was a product of one of his rapes....not that he was having sex with a 17 y/o (he was 36) not that he'd ever cooked a meal, washed clothes,,,,nothing!! I was devastated! Anyways, at court I was awarded 14 days per month with my dd. She was 2 at the time. Now that she school age, we had to have a second homestudy to decide where she would attend school. It was ruled in MY favour this time. I've remarried, have a great new home new baby , but he's now complaining that the study is flawed! How odd that it wasn't flawed when it was in his favour!!! It was the same person conducting the study, so I don't think he should be bitching! He had his chance. He didn't follow through with any of the court orders....ie scheduling, property division, joint decision making....so now he's been found out, and the evaluator has recommended a change. We only live 40 minutes apart, but too far for her to still reside in both homes equally. He had the Catholic Family services do a report on the report for Gods sake! They never contacted me at all, but conveniently found fault with the report too. Ha. Nice try. Can you tell I'm bitter with the system? Anyways, our Pre-trial is tomorrow, where it could all be decided, but knowing that jerk, he'll drag it all the way to a trial. All this money we're throwing away on Lawyers would be much better served at putting our child through school! Anyways....this was just to say, for those of you who've had a homestudy go against you, keep your head up. Good things come to those who wait!

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