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Re: What does a Homestudy consist of? How should we be prepared??

From: Fighting Father
Date: 21 Aug 2002
Time: 15:56:36
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OK. I'll give you an idea of what I went through in mine.

Investigator comes in my home...sits and we talk for about an hour and a half...what does he ask?

-Wants to know everything from day one. When ex and I met, how long were we together. Basically trying to see how the relationship was before the baby and if it was good then why did it go bad.

-Then, he asked how things were once the baby was born. Work schedules, medical, who provided for the child.

-Then, he asked about the setup once we went our seperate ways. Who had the baby, sleeping arrangements, financial (who provided for baby). How did that work out? Why did it get bad.

-Basically he wants to hear how things were good and what made them bad.

-Then, he talks about what I wanted out of the situation. If I felt comfortable having a stranger decide my daughters life. Why couldn't the parents work it out. What makes my home and the environment I provide better than what mom can?

-What about family for the child. How is that?

-After the intense battle of the wills....it's VERY emotionally draining. They try to get you to slip up about certain things so be very careful. It's a mind game.

-Then, the actual home study took about 15min. He checked the hot water, toilet flushes, the baby's bed, her clothes, electricity works, the gas works (stove), looks at pictures. They check every room in the home. If possible have a "play room" set up. They ask about a place just for the child.

This isn't how everyones is. Just how mine went. I'm in PA.

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