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From: frustrated 2nd wife in NM
Date: 25 Aug 2002
Time: 18:00:18
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After reading all of what happens at these home studies, that would work perfect for what my husband and i are going through with his psycho ex and my 7 yr old ss who we haven't been allowed to talk to or see in almost 6 months. She won't let my husband talk to or see him. All because of her bad feelings for him. She hates him and she lets everyone know it. We have been to court 4 times this year, and ready to go again for temporary custody.

If they were to do a home study on her, I know the court systems are cloudy when it comes to fathers, especially here, but 15 minutes in her mothers house where she's lived her whole life but the 4 years she was married to my hub, they would surely grant us temp custody.

How do we get one done? Go to the courthouse and request one? Is it similar to the pysch evaluation? One of those would grant us permanent custody!!!! :o) We have to pay for the psych eval which is about $1500 depending on the judge. We also would have to pay for anyone on her side that would be included, and since they all live with psycho granny, it would be at least 5 people including my ss. BM lives with mom, my ss sleeps in her bed, he doesn't have his own room or his own bed, it's a 3 bedroom house, cockroaches everywhere from what my ss says. There are 4 adults living there and then my ss.

What should we do to get a home study done? We live in a 3 bedroom house as well, but it's my hub, me, and my 13 year old daughter. The other bedroom is all setup for my ss, which he's never been allowed to see. We just moved here, but he had his own room at our other house as well. It's been 3 years we've dealing with her crap now.

Any ideas out there???

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