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fighting for 7 yrs

From: Christina
Date: 07 Sep 2002
Time: 06:54:51
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This is such along story, but will cut it short. My son was 5 when his father was arrested for drugs and went to jail. my son was in the car with him. We were divorced and living in different states. I was not contacted or told. my son was turned over to his sister. then the state took him. ANd I have had nothing but hell now for 7 years. I have had 3 home studies, urine tests,patenting classes psycho testing done and talked to many court investigators, and also have gone through 6 DSS workers and 2 lawyers !!! My son has gone through hell being away. ALl the meds he has been on is OUTRAGES ! I am close now, I was granted to have him, Again !! all the other times they didn't follow through on. ANd interstate compacts are only good for 6 months. The thing holding us up now is MONEY !!! they are fighting over who pays for his education and stuff. Noone wants to pay for it.. But they sure messed up his life for 7 years and now say "oh well" mom needs to take responsibility for how her son is. I'm sorry, but I'm not the one who had him locked up for all this time and doped up on pills !!! He is on 14 pills a day!!!!! gave him antipsycotic meds and all. I need to know if I can legally take the department of Social Services to court? they owe my son alot. alot more to say, but not enough time in a month to say it all. any input would be great.

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