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Re: child not born yet

From: Mandi
Date: 17 Sep 2002
Time: 18:26:52
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I have to disagree with some of these post. Fist of all yes he did have unprotected sex with someone he shouldnt have but he cant change that now. The baby has already been conceived. Secondly just because he is young doesnt mean a thing. I am 22 years old . I got pg at 19 with my daughter got married and because a step mother to a now 4yr old little boy whom his mother could care less about except making our life hell. At the age of 19 I became instant mom to a 2 yr old and pg with my child. I put my college on hold to stay at home and care for my ss and daughter when she came along. I have done everything possible for my kids (both of them). I have worked weekends when needed to help pay the bills . I havent had to do that but once though. My ss's mom is a psycho who is mentally unstable yet when you first meet her she can put on a good show. Yes my husband was stupid for getting involved with her and staying married to her for 2 years while she cheated with at least 5 guys but I have a wonderful ss from it all and my husband is a good father to both his children. We now own a house, live in a quiet neighboorhood with lots of kids the same age as ours and have no debts. We have two cars not sporty but two none the less for transportation and are providing well for my 4 yr old ss and 2 yr old daughter. We receive no child support whatsover but do not complain. My husband is only 23 and I am 22 and yet we have accomplished so much. Our house is 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath and a carport. Just because your young and make mistakes doesnt mean your not a good person or cant get ahead. We have never been on welfare. Just some of my two cents.

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