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From: frustrated 2nd wife in NM
Date: 22 Sep 2002
Time: 22:37:00
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An update, there will never be a home study request from my husband in order to help his son, there will be no more fighting in court to see his son, or ever talk to his son, no more calling on our weekends for hours waiting for his ex to pick up the phone so he can talk to his son, no more custody issues, on Sept 4th, at 10:30 that night, my husband decided he couldn't deal with all his pain anymore, he felt like he couldn't handle the emotional scars his ex was giving his son, and all the hatred she was spreading inside him regarding his daddy, and he committed suicide. He was waiting in the garage when I came home that night from my one night a week classes at the university. He listened as I ran frantically through the house looking for him after finding his letters stuck on the bathroom mirror, he waiting to pull the trigger until the police were called, and surrounded him in the garage.

It was his son's mother's birthday, and now she will have this memory on her back forever. He requested that I tell his son the truth about him, and how he loved him more than life, and how he tried in vain to talk to him, to see him, and she wouldn't allow it.

Someday, I pray that someone will see the truth in how she is hurting her son, child protective services will be called in, and hopefully his emotions will be saved.

Thank you all for your advice, I thought we were going to take it all and go for custody this month, I guess my strength was greater than his.

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