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Custody Evaluation

From: Denise
Date: 08 Oct 2002
Time: 20:03:09
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I just received my results from my the Psychologist who performed a custody evaluation. First of all my ex husband and his lawyer suggested this man. Judge agreed to it. During 7 sessions, he criticized me for being too angry (my husband is just put me in jail for saying that I cursed at him (we have PFA's against each other) the case was dropped. Our son is 21 months old and because my husband is on disability for 2 1/2 years on a bogus shoulder injury, he stated that his home is more stable than mine. I work 3 days a week. He suggested that in addition to his father having our son on the three days that I work, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, that his father get these three nights also. He suggested that I get Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and we alternate Sundays. This Psychologist would not talk to my ex-husbands older daughters from a previous marriage who he abused. He would not take information from his ex-wife, whom he abused. He would not talk to my ex-husband, who would prove that we have a good relationship with each other and our 14 year old son. He would not talk to my 14 year old son, who is deathly afraid of my ex-husband because he thinks he is evil. This Evaluation also has a Holiday Schedule which he states that I agreed to which is totally wrong. What are my chances of getting this changed in court? We have a trial set for November. His children and his ex-wife will be testifing and my 1st ex-husband will be testifying. Is there a chance that the judge will not abide by this evaluation?

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