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Guardian ad Litem Visit

Date: 25 Oct 2002
Time: 22:05:09
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Due to me requesting to move out of state with my children because I am getting married, have a transfer with work and am having a baby, my ex husband has filed for a change in custody even though he owes back child support on both kids and has never carried health insurance for them (it is court ordered). His reason for change in custody is that he states he has had them 75% of the time - which is an outright lie. A Guardian ad Litem was appointed and I had a face to face visit in her office (this lasted about 1.5 hours) and a home visit. When the Guardian ad Litem came to my home, she immediately talked to my kids. After she spoke with them, she did not stay to witness my interaction with the kids, she left immediately. She then had a home visit with my ex husband whom only has a 1 bedroom home. She witnessed his interaction with the kids and did not speak privately with the kids at all.

I have not slept in weeks and am supposed to be planning a move for my family and preparing for a new baby (which is due in 3 weeks), however I am so worried. Why would the GAL only meet with the kids and not witness my interaction and then go to my exes house and witness his interaction? She did speak for 45 minutes on the phone with my fiancee (after the home visits) and I have provided her with letters from my children's teachers (I have been their room mother and attended field trips etc), but she hasn't contacted any of them and we are due to go to court late next week.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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