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Re: Guardian ad Litem Visit

From: JEFF
Date: 08 Nov 2002
Time: 03:25:08
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I think what the gaurdian is doing is seeing how well they children and their father interact, and how it could affect the children by moveing out of state, if they have a really good relationship the gaudian may see this as distramental for the children, one thing to keep in mind is that this move is a big change from there normal envirement and this does go a long ways in courts. I once had a gaudian that did the same thing to me, she never checked out my references, ot talked to any of my kids teachers, or girl scout or boy scout leaders concerning my children. I also had custody, but had to give up custody beacause of the lies that she repeatidly wrote the courts about, to be honest anything she ever heard good about me I was inturn slammed into the ground by the gaurdian, I still wish that these people were not invloved with a court of law, there's just to many chicken's in the hen house with these people. I don't think it would make any difference if he's behind on child support or has a 1 bedroom place, ya gotta keep in mind that child support does take a good chunck out of a paycheck and makes it difficult to afford anything bigger, also if he were to get custody, this would free up his child support, and if you were to pay support, this could very easily get him into a more suitable house for the children. another thing to think about is, what's going to happen with the current visitation schedule when you move? how far away are you moveing? will he still have the same amount of vistation that he has now? what about traveling expenses? I'm not trying to scare you any more than you probally are but it may appear from what you wrote, that the gaudian is probally favoring the father right now, but as I mentioned before, the biggest thing that there looking at is if it's in the best INTEREST of the children to relocate to another state. not to tell ya what to do but maybe it would be best if ya stay where your at.

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