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Probably not.

Date: 20 Dec 2002
Time: 03:10:30
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Normally, I think a noncustodial parent can do whatever he wants with the kids on his time, including secular things like going to amusement parks. If the children want to attend church, it would be better if they were the ones to raise the issue with their dad. However, you can always take it back to court and try to get an order for him to continue the children's religious education if it is that important to you. The judge will probably look at what happened during your marriage. If your ex agreed for the kids to be raised in your church and if the kids attended church every week when you were married, you may be able to argue that they should continue to be raised as they were then and he is reneging on his agreement. You should research any prior cases on religion and child custody in your state and see what previous rulings were. I don't think you're going to get the judge to order the ex not to do any fun things with the kids on his Saturday, unless it is during the time they would normally go to church. What denomination are you?

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