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ANYONE who "KNOWS" Georgia custody laws???

From: Desperate Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 16 May 2003
Time: 07:19:26
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I am so desperate and I feel helpless. I am the noncustodial mother in Georgia after my ex and his lawyer screwed me out of everything in the divorce, including my kids. I have made the biggest worst mistake of my life. I trusted my ex husband when he said things would be exactly the way we talked about and planned it in the divorce papers, well come to find out, he and his lawyer gave him everything. Stupid, dumb me trusted him and I signed the divorce papers. I read the papers but I don't understand anything about legal documents or anything like that. I just don't understand them. So, being I trusted him, he said I didn't need to get a lawyer. I signed the papers without any legal representation of my own. Anytime I asked his lawyer to explain something to me, either she told me that she could not discuss ANY matter with me because it would be a conflict of interest being she is my ex's attorney. OR my ex explained it to me in a way where he could basically "keep me in the dark". NOW, (getting to the point), he is moving to Florida the first weekend in June and he says he is taking the kids with him, and there is nothing I can do about it because I signed over the kids to him. Anytime that I have went and asked a lawyer (only the free consultation visit, because I can NOT afford a lawyer), the lawyers I have seen tells me, you signed the papers. You gave him that right when you signed the papers. You signed the paper that said you understood what you were signing." Isn't there any way I can get him? Isn't there any way I can keep my kids in Georgia??? There has GOT to be a way, a loop hole somehow! PLEASE!!! I am running out of time and I am having to do this ALL on my OWN because I can NOT afford a lawyer! I am a mother who loves my kids with all my heart and soul and would lay down my life for my kids. My kids are my world. I am desperate to keep my ex, the custodial parent in this case, from moving my kids to Florida from Georgia. Georgia is where the divorce took place! I have got to keep my kids here somehow. If anyone knows what the Georgia laws and rules are on this someone please tell me if I even have a chance! Someone please help me!


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