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What the actual divorce papers say

From: DESPERATE Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 29 May 2003
Time: 17:59:52
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This is what the papers say on visitation for me, the non custodial parent. Visitation Defined: The wife shall have the right to visit with her minor children at all resonable times provided she gives the husband at least 24 hours advance notice of her intent to visit the children and further provided that such visitation does not interfere with the children's school activities. Reasonable visitation shall include the following: The 1st, 3rd and any 5th weekends of each month beginning at 6 PM on Friday and ending at 6PM on Sunday. Thirty days during the summer vacation of the children with the exception of the first and last weeks of the vacation period. Reasonable visitation shall include the following: ODD YEARS: Non custodial parent will get: Easter Thursday night to Sunday night Fourth of July: Night before to the morning after except when the 4th falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or Monday when the visitation shall commence on Friday Night and continue to the end of holiday whichever is later. And a few other holidays. So, it says that I am suppose to get them 30 days out of the summer, that's why he said he will bring them back on June 6th and leave them here for 30 days. So, that he can be inside the laws on visitation. HOWEVER, it doesn't say anything about him making it up as he goes along. It doesn't say anything about what he is talking about. About the 3 weeks here, 3 weeks there, 2 weeks here, 2 weeks there. He can't do that. SO...the latest news is I STILL do not have a lawyer, but TODAY I am going to the court house to check on the papers to fill out myself for the emergency modification. THEN, I am going to his lawyer and whether she can talk tome or not I am going to tell her or her para-legals, YOU NEED to be aware of what he is doing. AND he is violating Georgia custody code 19-9-1G, which states if he is goign to move the kids out of the state out of jurisdiciton, he has to give me all the information like address, phone numbers and everything like that 30 days in advance before he moves them out of state. AND he is moving this weekend and I STILL do NOT have any of that. So, he has voilated that code of Georgia. Either way....sooner or later I have GOT him. Atleast I hope so.

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