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I'm done...I give up

From: DESPERATE Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 30 May 2003
Time: 02:02:31
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I went to his lawyer's office today. I went to see the lawyer that represented him in the divorce. I couldn't see her, but I got to see a paralegal that works there. I told her that his lawyer needed to be aware of the situation and what he is doing. I told her he is making up the visitation rules as he goes along. Deciding when they would be in Florida and when they would be in Georiga, how he violated Georgia code 19-9-1G, that he is moving this weekend and he has NOT yet even given me ANY information. No address, no phone numbers, NOTHING. In this Georgia code, 19-9-1G that he is suppose to give me any and ALL information within 30 DAYS before the move, and he hasn't done that. I told them about him denying me my weekends with the kids due to this 3 weeks here, 3 weeks in Georgia, making up the rules as he goes along crap, and the ONLY thing that the paralegal can say is, "Sounds like he is in contempt of court and that he has some contempt issues. You need to get a lawyer. We can NOT do anything because his lawyer represented him JUST for the divorce issue. That case is now closed being the divorce is final. So, there isn't even nothing she can about him being in contempt or all these violations that he is making and going against the origianl divorce decree. THERE IS NOTHING SHE, HIS LAWYER CAN DO. Then, I got to the court house where the divorce was finalized and told the clerk at the court office that I wanted to fill out the forms to do an emergency custody modification myself. That I was told that I could come fill out the forms myself, that I had heard I didn't need a lawyer to fill out the forms myself to request a modification of custody. The clerk looks at me and says "we don't have any forms like that. I have never heard of those forms. You would probably have to go through a lawyer to get a modification of custody. If I had the paperwork, or knew what kind of paperwork you needed to fill out I would give them to you, but I don't have any kind of forms or paperwork like that." And going to the court house to request forms for a modification of custody, that was plan #2. That was my back-up plan. SO, frankly I am out of ideas, out of hope and I feel like there is NOTHING left I can do to keep my kids here. I think I should just give up and say ok Jon, you know what you won. You take the kids and do whatever you want to with them whether it hurts them or not, no matter how they feel, because it doesn't matter. You don't care about how this will affect anyone. Nothing matters to you except that you get your butt in Florida. I'm out of ideas and running out of hope. In this town I live in......as long as you have a lawyer you can get away with ANYTHING!!! As long as you don't steal or murder or a major capitol crime, you can get away with ANYTHING, as long as you have a lawyer. I talked to a number of legal people today. They know all about Jon taking the kids and moving to Florida, denying me my visitation with them on my weekends and making up his own personal visitation schedule for me and the kids, and they don't care. He is getting away with ALL of it. There is nothing anyone can do!!! I told the proper people, the people I should tell, and they don't give a d** that he is violating a major Georgia code. I need a lawyer to do anything about it. He is getting away with everything. YA KNOW WHAT!!! NOW!!!! Now I totaly understand WHY parents who are in the same situation as me, parents who were screwed in the divorce and are the non custodial parent, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY now, so many parents kidnapp their kids. Or why you hear so much about a mother or father kidnapping their children and running and hiding out or doing whatever they can to keep their kids with them. OH MY GOD I SO totally understand why now. IT'S BECAUSE, they can NOT get ANY help from ANYWHERE. NOBODY will help them, not even the law, not even the government. If you don't have money for a lawyer...you are OUT OF LUCK!!! Rich, (my new husband) asked me today, so what are people who has a real legal situation like yours, who can't afford a lawyer suppose to do? I told him, "They CAN'T DO S***." They are just s*** out of luck!!! If you need a lawyer in this town, but you can't afford one, then well I sure hope you don't have a serious legal issue that needs to be taken to court in this town. I KNOW why now some parents take their kids and run!! IT'S because of the same S***, that I am going through. THIS IS THE REASON PARENTS TAKE THEIR KIDS AWAY FROM THE OTHER PARENT AND RUN!!!!!!! This is why you hear of so many parents kidnapping their own kids and leaving the state, the country. Because they are out of options, money, ideas and hope JUST LIKE ME!!!! They have NO OTHER OPTIONS LEFT!!! They are desperate just to be able to be with their kids and love them and see them everyday and spend time with them without the other parent just being a ***hole and doing the s*** out of spite just to show the other parent he can. They are desperate, JUST LIKE ME!!! THIS IS WHY!!!!! What is wrong with our legal system????? If you need a lawyer desperatly, more than anything else in the world and you don't have the money for one, THEN YOU ARE SCREWED!!!! Anyone in the world can do ANYTHING they want to do to you and as long as you don't have a lawyer, they can do it and get away with it!!! He is going to get away with denying me seeing them on MY weekends. He is going to get away with making up his own visitation schedule. He is getting away with deciding when I will see the kids regardless of what the divorce papers say. He is going to get away with VIOLATING a major Georgia custody code!!! I even tried to use the system to FIGHT the system, but I can't. I DON'T have any more means to fight him. I don't have the financial means to fight him. So basically, Sunday he will leave here with my kids and there is nothing I can do about it but cry and hurt. There is nothing I can do but hug them, kiss them and wave goodbye. THERE is NO justice for the poor person. There is NO justice for the person who can't afford a lawyer. And what pisses me off even more....he would'nt have been able to do ANY!!! of this either. He didn't have the means or the money for a lawyer either!! HIS MOTHER PAID FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! She paid for the divorce. She told him how to have the s*** written up. I have even talked to his own dad who said because his mother worked in a place that had their own legal firm, she worked around attorneys all her life. She even dated a lawyer at one time. His dad said "she did the same thing to me when she and I got divorced. She went through the legal co-op at her work place and took me for everything I had". Wow, it must be nice to dig down in mommy's pocket book to screw your kids out of their mother. This is ALL bulls***! What am I suppose to do now????? I'm bout ready to just give up and just cry until I can't cry anymore and say I give up. I have exhausted myself emotionaly and physically trying my hardest to fight him. There is nothing else I can do now. Except watch my kids go and be taken away from me. I'm SO PISSED, ANGRY, HURT, BETRAYED, HELPLESS, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I'm done. I give up. I can't do this anymore. I can't fight him. I am out of options, ideas, financial means. I don't have it in me anymore to keep this fight going. I'm done. I'm emotioanly wore out to being exhausted beyond belief. I just...there isn't nothing more I can do. I have fought as hard as I can. I have fought with all my strength,heart, tooth and nail with all my energies. I'm done. I guess he beat me after all. I don't know how I am going to handle watching my kids leave Sunday. I'm probably going to end up having a nervous breakdown. I don't know. I don't know how I am going to deal with watching him put them in his car and looking at them knowing I failed them and I couldn't do anything more to keep them here. I'm out of hope.

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