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From: Desperate Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 02 Jun 2003
Time: 02:38:42
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My two precious children left today. They left and I failed them. There was nothing I could do to stop them from being taken to Florida. I went to my moms house early and spent the day with them. The whole time I was there with them, I was enjoying each second that I was with them, but because Jon, the ex husband was unsure of what time they were leaving, in the back of my mind I wondered how much time left with them I had. This is a really bad comparisson, but I don't know a better way to descrive it. The whole time I was with them enjoying my last couple of hours with them, it felt like a condemned man on death row waiting for his execution to be carried out. I know it's not nearly the same thing. Not even close, BUT...that's what I felt like. I felt like I was getting to enjoy last moments with my kids. Last few minutes with my kids. It was like a countdown to the moment the leave. My husband Rich, and friend Peaches, and my sister was there to offer support. When the time came I was crying so hard I could barely speak. My words kept getting interrupted by tears and outburts of crying and loud sobs. I gave Tristan his copy of the cd I made for him and Cassie, and told him that I had made a cd with all the same songs on it that were on his cd, and that he could listen to his cd and I know I was listening to mine. I hugged him and didn't want to let him go and I held Cassie and didn't want to let her go either. The whole time my ex husband Jon isn't saying shit. He can't even look at me. Peaches hugged me and held me for support and tried to help me keep it together, but I had to go ahead and go back to my moms house. I couldn't take it anymore. I cried my eyes out and hurt like hell. And now my babies are gone. And now I am just trying to keep busy and stay busy at something non-stop so that I do not have one spare minute to stop and let it get me down. Jon, left, Jon left and took my kids with him even though he violated a Georgia custody code, even though he is ignoring the court visitation schedule and making up his own schedule as he goes along. Even though he is in contempt of court on SO many issues against the divorce papers and even though he is being investigated by child protection services, even though the child protection services and I do NOT have any information about where he is going, his new address, his phone number, his cell phone number. He left without giving me ANY information. Another violation by the way. But my kids are on their way to Florida. My kids and my heart is gone. My ex husband hurt me in the most unforgivable way. He is finealy hurt me beyond repair. I won't get to take Tristan to school on the first day of school. I won't get to decide what day care Cassie goes into, IF she even goes into one. I won't get to hold them and tuck them in at night and kiss them goodnight. They are gone. I hope my ex husband and his mother both burn in hell. I hope tey will have to sooner or later pay for it. I hope they will have to pay for it out their asses. my pain in my heart is undescribable. My babies are gone.

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