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Re: requesting a home study

From: fightingback_43@yahoo.com
Date: 08 Jul 2003
Time: 17:11:35
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Do you have an attorney? Is there a divorce in process? Your attorney can request an evaluator and get approval from the court-it is then a court order. Our retainer was $3500 but well worth it. I had my home study already and it went as follows; the social worker came and talked to me and the kids together, she asked me to describe each of the kids to her-I went down the line about how each excelled in 4-h, dance karate etc.. how they are such as each are independant, caring about others' feelings, etc... then she had the kids show her their rooms each by them selves w/o me present. she checked the smoke detectors, inside the fridge, and just basically looked at whether the childrens presence was felt in the house-I have their hand prints on the wall (in picture frame)plaques, trophies. artwork on walls and fridge (always been there anyway) and the fact that my daughter had choices (shes 6) in decorating her room-she found pictures of me and their dad together and insisted they go on her wall, so they are-I can't stand it but daughter loves it, and so I believe it made a good impression on social worker. then, after she went through all of the kids, she spoke to me alone, asked me how it was when we were together, and what my concerns with the other parent are, and then she left. One thing to remember, make all of your appointments first-especially home study, because you can set the standard that way, so then your ex has a lot to live up to, mine can't outdo my home study in any way shape or form, and he has refused to cooperate, further hurting himself, YIPEEE!!! Good luck to you.

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