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Non-Payment of Child support

From: TruckerDad
Date: 14 Sep 2003
Time: 15:08:56
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3 years ago, my ex-wife walked out on our 2-kids & me. My daughter was a little over 1 and our son 3. This was right after my Oldest son from a previous marriage was in a bad car wreck that left him a quadreplegic. I am a trucker. I lost my business, almost lost my home, and stayed off the road as long as I could. My ex had also walked out on her 1st son from her previous marriage. Each time she made arrangements to come see our young children, she didn't show up or cancelled. Most times she just didn't show up. Needless to say I have custody of my children. My parents live on the same property next door to me so they help me a great deal. My parents & I have tried to create stability & security for my children to make sure they knew they were loved very much after they're own mother walked out on them. There has been nothing for them on they're birthdays or Christmas from her. My son is now 6 and my daughter 3. Neither child wants to see her especially my son. He remembers how many times she just didn't show up. She owes over $10,000 in back child support to them. Just recently, SHE... takes "ME"... to court for visitation rights. I had told her that if she wanted to see the children she would have to come to my parents or my house. She had stood them up so many times, and would never show up at various places that SHE HAD ARRANGED, I felt it best that is she wanted to see them, she should come to THEY'RE world were THEY felt secure. She didn't like that. So she took me to court. The court ordered 3 consecutive supervised visitation visits at my parents house with the children and that I have to comply.After that, she is allowed to take them 3 consecutive weekends to her home, between certain specified hours . After that, she will be allowed to have them over nite. I asked the judge about the child support she owes the children and also explained how she would never show up for visitation thats why I stopped letting her set dates to see them. He bluntly told me that I was the one on trial here, and that she had explained she wasn't working right now so she couldn't pay child support. Do you believe this crap? Also, she is living with a guy and that was ok. He told me I am NOT ALLOWED to have ANYONE living in my residence with me & the children. Is this not BLAITANT discrimination? iF THIS WERE ME BEHIND IN CHILD SUPPORT, I WOULD HAVE MY DRIVER LICENSE REVOKED OR BE IN JAIL. But she does not have to pay anything AND CAN LIVE WITH ANYONE SHE WANTS AND CAN EXPOSE MY CHILDREN TO ANYONE SHE CHOOSES. This women doesn't deserve these precious children or the right to be in they're presence. But I have to comply. They don't even want to see her. I have to put my life on hold and I am the only parent they have known since they were babies, but she can have relationships , live with differnt guys and expose my children to anyone she chooses. The law sure does look at whats best for the children don't they?

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