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Re: Is it really worth it??? NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!

From: fightingback_43@yahoo.com
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Date: 06 Jan 2004
Time: 08:51:35
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Unfortunately, the courts are not human and do not always go with the 'best interests of the child'. I have a story to tell but it is too danged long. But, what you need to do is stay away from GALs (my experience). and find a good attorney who has a lot of experience with a good custody evaluator in the court systems, to be approved (ordered by the court)your attorney must petion the court-so the ex will have to cooperate. Your step sons' poopy problem sounds identical to mine, at age 4 my son began pooping his pants (as many as 5xa day)it was not formed either. I thought maybe it was stress (divorce was going on at that time) so I took him to Dr. he said it was 'seek counseling' I did and it got me nowhere. 2 yrs later my ex took me to court (to get out of paying cs) and with me having no attorney and he did-I LOST MY KIDS-temporarily, so he was ordered to take him to the Dr. for the poopy problem-he was deemed healthy-'was moms (me)fault he is pooping his pants'. Well, 1 yr ago I took him to an awsome pediatrician that I was referred to by my insurance and you know SHE TOOK TIME WITH MY SON AND FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM-ENCOPRESIS-basically-constipation and it is quite common at that age. I bought the meds and returned the kids to their father after xmas break last yr and my ex THREW MEDS IN THE TRASH. I went to the GAL (who was against me) and told her and she saw nothing wrong. This last summer, I took him back to the Dr. still the problem exists, I gave ex new meds in a baggie this time for his weekend visit (I had them half of summer) and he threw it in the trash again. We now have a custody evaluator who I believe is going in my favor. My home study report was very good-that is usually part of the cost of the whole evaluation process-I don't want to make this too long and boring, but my son will be eight next month and still has his poopy issues though not as bad as before and if the problem goes on with out treatment it can take as long as 2 yrs for complete recovery because the bowel has to "shrink" down to a normal size. If you can, talk to your attorney and see if you can take your ss to the Dr. and if he needs treatment, maybe you can get temp custody via an emergency hearing. Email me if you like-I'm in Indiana, what state are you in?

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