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gal report

From: sy
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Date: 05 Feb 2004
Time: 07:36:25
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We got our GAL report yesterday. The GAL stated it was a very difficult case with no good solution (BM is trying to relocate 10 year old daughter from WA to KY). She acknowledged the on going Parntal Alienation issues. She acknowledged BM has ailenated 2 of the daughter's half siblings and that BM is not interested in a reationship with these two children of her children. She stated how unstable BM's life has been. She stated how unhealthy the peer relationship between the daughter and BM is, how the daughter feels responsible for making sure her mother gets to move, how non compliant BM has been with court orders, that BM has left the daughter twice before for extended periods of time, that BM has unresolved anger and hostilities toward BF, but if the BM submits to psych/parent evaluation and counceling from now until July that she will be able to relocate. She says that the reasons for recommending the relocation are the daughter's fear of losing her mother if she does not stay with her and the daughter's current hostility towards BF and step mom. I'm very sad about this because basically everthying the BM did to turn the daughter against us paid off for her in the end. The GAL did state that BM would have to pay all travel expenses and if she did not comply with any court ordered visitation that custody should be immediately placed with us. BM's already gotten 2 chances to act better and now she gets another. I'm ready to give up. These recommendations just look like more legal issues down the road. The daughter is hostile to us at this point, this just really sucks.

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