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phych.evaluation vs. custody evaluation

From: Susan
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Date: 03 Mar 2004
Time: 01:09:27
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I was sufing the web and my hometown court calander and to my suprise saw my name on it for a pre trial conference with my ex whoms been fighting me for custody of our ten year old son. I fired my attorney and then in court today I was informed of other things my attorney has been neglecting or even informing me of very important isues . I have always pro see in the past when I have gone to court but this is like too important to me for me to risk messing up. BUT I dont trust lawyers to really have my best interest. So today in court my ex and his attorney said that at their own cost , they would like to have a phych. evaluation on my son . Does this differ from other evaluations and what exactly is it that I agreed to? I also asked the judge if he could take Rico in his chambers and visit with my son and he said yes he would if we both agree to it, He would do that on the day of the trial. Is this a good thing? My son cries when it's his dad's weekend with him and I know that he is scared enough of his dad to agree with what ever his dad says at the time he is with him. He tells me that if he tells his dad anything else other than what he says too he gets in trouble and yelled at.I'm so scared for him! also I have no more money to get another attorney. Our trial date is set for May. I could use any advise at all on what to expect or maybe what to do next. please reply A.S.A.P.

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