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From: katrina
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Date: 05 Mar 2004
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In my divorce I am seeking full custody of my 2 children and supervised visitation when they are with their father. This is because during the last visitation I was verbally assaulted in front of my children and my life was threatened. My four year old comes home the next day telling me mommy, your a bitch, daddy said so. I of course immediately suspended all visitation, it wasn't court ordered, and had my son in to see a child psycologist. He's been having nightmares and telling people his mommy is a bad person, daddy said so and My mommy is going to get killed. My ex of course tells the court that I am making up all of these things just to keep him away from the kids and when I had my babysitter come in as a witness, he said that she wasn't believable because she is employed by me and I pay her, so I probably paid her to lie in court. He also said a lot of other bull such that I keep a messy house and leave dirty diapers laying out. He even called childrens services out to justify those claims. Childrens services closed the cases out the same days that they were here saying that the allegations were false but since they cannot disclose, even to a judge, that it was my ex that made those accusations it still looks like I had childrens services called on me twice by a "concerned citizen". A home sudy was conducted which although she has not completed her report she has made me aware that her interview with my ex consisted of him makeing up lies and totally slandering me. she is not done with the home study by the way because he is currently living in a homeless shelter where alcohol rehab has placed him until mental services can secure housing for him. I really don't want to become involved in a finger pointing contest but I feel I should give her the dirt on him as well. I feel like I should defend myself against his lies but I also know how childish that is. Right now his claim is that I am a vindictive manipulative person who is just trying to hurt him by keeping the kids from him and that I won't agree to shared parenting because I want to get childsupport and alimony from him. He doesn't even have a job! I haven't received any money from him since we split in May. How can I let the courts see the truth with out lowering myself to a "I know you are but what am I" stage

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