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PLEASE!! I need advice NOW !!!

From: Susan , Utah
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Date: 02 Apr 2004
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At pretrial I agreed to a psycological evaluation when my ex and his attorney asked for one, and they would pay for it. I told them I just want to be included, as to knowing when, where and who is doing it. His attorney told me o.k. and that they would let me know. Well my son came home from his Wednesday visit from his dads and was one hour late , woke up an hour after bed and vomited. He then told me that at his dads house he had to answer all these questions(about 3 pages) for some doctor and that his dad and his step mom read them to him as he answered them. My son is almost 11 years old and can read very well himself. my question is, Shouldn't my son be in a non bios envirement to answer those questions, somewhere not with myself nor his fathers house so he would answer more honestly and openly not fearing either one of us being hurt by what his answers are? My son is very intimidated by his father and even a little scared. Is this a proper and normal proceedure way to be doing this for a psycological evaluation on my son , cause it seems a little fishy to me. It was my sons nerves of why he threw up cause he was just fine the next morning. I just thought that the questioning should and would be done at the person who is doing the evaluations office. Am I right or wrong?

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