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Re: PLEASE!! I need advice NOW !!!

From: Tami to Laura
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Date: 03 Apr 2004
Time: 19:57:05
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I do not agree with it, but you know as well as I do that it is "appropriate" under the law it is the one who gets there first or has more money etc... it is the law. She is upset because they questioned the child around the father...he knows about the abuse or how the woman is and would most likely have provided insight on how to question the child... We did not agree when they mother in our case sat there with the child during an interview over the sexual abuse case, and or course when they child was interviewed away from the mother there was a different story, she will have her say, we did, at his psych eval he passed showed that he had no sexual perversions etc...his mental incapacities as to extreme trust and naiivity etc...it all comes out and you know that as well as I do. If she is not abusive it will show, she will have her choice of evaluators etc if she is smart, she will listen to her attorney as to who to choose...it is all coaching etc, you know the routine as well as I do right? So I opinionated based on her post(s), because she had you thinking it was the father who was being evaluated... I wanted to scream out just as she is doing now before I learned a few things and had some of that under my belt so to speak, the evaluation is what takes the cake in most instances and proves guilt or innocents. The psychopath statement came from recent readings I had caught up on on several Psychopaths that tried to pass the psych eval, very interesting reading I can assure you.

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