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not impressed with G.A.L, what to do??????

From: mom
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Date: 13 May 2004
Time: 08:22:24
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a gal was appointed in a paternity hearing, and upon me contacting his office i offered for the "meeting" to be a "home visit" of which he declined. after meeting with him i had thought it went well, until we got to court!!! and due to the fact that the potential bf stealing my medical information (reciepts, ultrasound pics, and contacting dr.'s office)and showing up at ONE dr's. appt. (for which i changed dr.'s and county) the gal said that i had lied about "facilitating" the potential bf's involment in the pregnancy, and now was being "vendictive" in not allowing contact. and in court the judge and gal cared not that i changed dr.'s and hospital to "get away" from him all they cared about is that he knew "some" information, they cared not that i had to get a restraining order ect. and now i am scared as hell as to what may come next if he is the bf. what will he lie about next, and how can i prepare? should i seek out an "independent evaluation" to contadict, and if so who and where do i do that? if anyone knows anything please help!! (by the way i am married, two other children, and an established family~~~does that help???)

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