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12 Year Old ADHD Boy

From: Mary Cameron
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Date: 17 May 2004
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My huband has twin boys and a teenage daughter. One of the boys is ADHD and quite a handful. He lies, steals, and is flunking the 7th grade. We have had numerous meetings with the school, including modifying his IEP. He has major behavioral issues on top of the lack of study habits. At one time, the mother let us have him full time. Probably not even a month passed and she wanted to go back to the 50/50 schedule. He hated it our house. I believe it was due to the structured environment. I he was doing well at that time. Turning in his homework, slowly bringing up his grades, etc. I believe that the flopping back and forth and living by double standards are not doing him any justice. The mother would never give up custody and I would never expect her to. He is unsupervised when he gets home from school. He has been caught with matches twice..................once, lighting them in his room. His mother found a jar dated with egg yolks in it that he hid in his closet. STINK BOMB!! I guess he was going to do this at school. He has been to the principal's office for flicking pennies at other students. I could go on and on. His mother coddles him we provide structure. I am just afraid that later on we will suffer the monetary consequences. I suggested a camp of which it was like pulling teeth to get the mother to agree. This is only temporary- 3 weeks. What our your thoughts on keeping him in one place??

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