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Home Study Advice.....As Soon As Possible Please!!!!

From: gr8daddy5
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Date: 13 Jul 2004
Time: 08:03:44
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How detailed is a home study....the evaluator made it sound like it was going to be no big deal when I had talked with her in her office...she said she would just come and talk to the kids when my new wife was at home with them...can anyone give me information on what they will look for? I guess I am not as worried as I was before I had talked with her! She told me I pretty much had every accusation covered by teachers, school nurse, and doctors!!! It was pretty much an open and shut case...they just need to talk to the kids now! When anyone cries medical neglect, they have to do the full investigation! Anyone could cry medical neglect of a child then, and lie if they wanted to! But anyway, I hope the judge sees it the way the evaluator does! I don't want to give my kids back to my exwife!!! She gave them up to me 8 months ago and now after paying me support and seeing that the kids are happy, she wants them back...she tried to get me to sign off support by trying to hide that sentence in paper for me to sign! UNREAL! What SOME women won't do, but yet I had to pay her through the nose for child support and I carry medical, still yet I carry medical. She says she can't right now! And yet she won't pay the copays she owes because she saysh they are in my new wifes name and she is not liable for them then!! Any information on any of this would be great!! Thank you for your time and insight!!!

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