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at what point would I request a home study??

From: preemie's mom
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Date: 26 Jul 2004
Time: 19:14:58
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my ex (not husband) is refusing mediation & plans to file directly for his visition of our 11 mo old baby girl. (who was 7 wks premature) I am also the parent of a 8yr old boy..the 2 have bonded, I have a stable household, job, etc...BF is self employed martial arts instructor, works probably 20 hrs per week, that is all. He is 29 & still lives at home w/his dad...he wants to file for the usual every other weekend plan..my problem is, amoung many OTHERS...he has no accomodations whatsoever for the baby at his house, including a dog that has already snapped at her. He has no crib, no highchair, no toys, NO CHILDPROOFING, not even a diaper bag...His plan (I know) is once he gets the visitation, to allow his mother to keep her in her home...problem there..(many) she is a phycho RN..has fed my baby strawberries & she ended up in the ER, kept taking her swimming & she has tubes in her ears & her ears are too small for the ear plugs...her husband is an admitted alcholic & she has a history of RX drug abuse..My question is, when can I request a home study...if they have time to fix things, bf will make it look like he has been set up all along..and is only going to do this for show. I know he is not capable of caring for my baby..only "playing" w/her. My other question, can I request a home study for the grandmaRN?? I know, it is probably a long shot, huh? When I request a home study, I assume that they do both parents homes?? thanks for any advice

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