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Help me get my babies home pls

From: jcp
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Date: 05 Aug 2004
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I have just a few questions.. Im not on here to make people feel bad for me or anything of the sort because what happend to me and my kids I should have walked out so I place alot of the blame on myself even though the people around me dont seem to place any of it on me well here is my story and I would like any input anyone has to offer weather it be good or bad! During the summer of 2002 I was working a full time night shift as a cna my then boyfriend the father of all my kids was not employed and was the childrens care taker (the kids ages was 3,2&5 months) it was his job to take care of the kids and the house while I was at work and while I was asleep after work well one day in July I came home from work to find out that my grandmother was in the hospital and wasnt expected to make it so I naturally went to the hospital to see her this was at about 7am and I didnt get back home till about noon and had to be back to work that night at 9pm when I got home the kids father expressed the fact that he wanted to go to the speedway that night I told him if he would watch the kids while i got some sleep plus pick up the house i would find a sitter for the kids so he could go and he agreed. So sometime after i fell asleep he had put the kids in thier room for a nap and had locked the door so they couldnt get out and he left with out waking me and telling me needless to say the house was not cleaned. Im not sure what time he really did leave all I know is that about 430 pm i was woke up by someone knocking on the door it turned out to be my landlord but i didnt make it to the door fast enough and he heard my 2 older babies playing and called the cops because he thought they were there alone. The police department showed up(they got there fast it is just around the corner) and seen the kids were in a locked room i was in the bathroom going pee and they just came in thinking they were gonna find the kids alone. they let the kids out of thier room they are soaking wet from not being changed and smelled badly and the house was dirty but not filthy they ended up arresting me on the spot in front of my children and placed my children in foster care I was sent to jail on three counts of child endangerment and 3 counts of neglect and the father got the same. The foster family they put my babies with were great older couple but didnt have the energy to keep up with my babies so they called cps and told them that they could not care for my children at this point my poor babies prolly felt they couldnt trust anyone. then out of this i thought my kids had thier silver lining coming through when my aunt offered to take custody me and the childrens father agreed to give her custody in court seeing we didnt know what are fait was gonna be in criminal court. Family court granted my aunt joint custody with me and the childrens father the only thing was we needed supervised visits and my aunt was to let us know everything about the kids so we could work to get them home. In the end of our criminal hearing i was found guilty on one charge of endangerment and sentenced to 150 community service and the childrens dad was sentenced to 8 months in county for all charges, i have now left my ex because he was not thier for the kids that day plus he is abusive. (The criminal judge at sentencing told me when he put my ex in jail it was my chance to leave(he knows of my ex s past of hitting me) I have attended parenting classes councling for depression plus found a great man that loves me and my kids. Now here is the problem id like to get my kids home but in order to all this i have to attend any and all appts my children have plus have reg visits seemed at the time that would be easy seeing my aunt has my children but once i left my ex my aunt dont allow me to see my kids and if i do it is short sparatic visits, she dont tell me of any appointments or school functions my youngest baby calls her and my uncle mommy and daddy and they dont tempt to correct her. I have tried calling my cps worker and she dont help I have called the childrens law gaurdian with no call back and I have also called the state senator about cps not working to help this situation and all that did was make Cps close my case. I think I have made great changes that will benifit my babies but im scared to go and fight for custody since i dont go to appt's and see the kids often my aunt will lie to the judge to keep my babies from me someone please help me i Know im only 23 but i love my kids and miss them dearly any advise will be greatly appreciated thanks

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