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Need advise FAST.. emg hearing scheduled

From: bala
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Date: 21 Oct 2004
Time: 22:29:27
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need adv fast... im a former custodial mom of good moral character and background... not negligent or abusive... lost custody of children in a relocation case... state of PA. Childrens father was given custody and now reside in an environment surrounded by crime and violence stemming from an Uncle living in very close proximity to their home. In the process of filing for an appeal to Superior Ct. the Uncle was involved in yet another domestic violence incident that resulted in publicity. The court has since appointed a Guardian addlidium (? sp.)to investigae the living conditions (only providing that i drop the appeal to Sup. Ct.) He has investigated the situation, interviewed police dept., magistrate etc... and there is now an emergency hearing scheduled in only 4 days. I'm being interviewed by this person the day of the hearing... I've been let down by the system and feel betrayed by the overall apathy of the Judge who handed down the order denying my petition to relocate (approx 100 miles) with my children. I need some advise on how to conduct myself, and what to expect from this upcoming interview with the court appointed Guardian Addlidium. This is important and seems to me to be clear as day that the children should be with me... not only because I'm their mother and I've had physical custody of them all their lives, but the move I've made in my life is completely positive... my fiance and I just bought a beautiful home in a very desireable suburban community with a nationally recognized and blue ribbon award winning school district. Seems like a no-brainer huh?? I thought so too. Then came the phone call from my lawyer telling me that we'd lost the case and the childrens father was awarded custody. Anyway, this is very important, and I cant make the mistake of being overly confident again. So if anyone out there has any advise at all that can be of help please take a few minutes to share it with me... my childrens future and present well being is at stake. Thank you so.

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