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unwed mother of 2 wants to leave HELP!

From: A&G mother
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Date: 08 Apr 2005
Time: 13:55:45
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I need advise, I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and we have 2 beautiful kids, a 3 year old and a 6 week old baby girl. My boyfriend is very controlling, he yells a lot and curses in every single sentence. I am self employed and he's W2 I have been thinking of leaving, with my kids ofcourse, because he is not getting any better with his attitude and no one wants to be around me because of him, I am very upset that he has called my son names, like insults, my son is in the repeating stage, and when he starts yelling, I see my son acting up because he's nervous and when my son sees me crying, he goes and hits his dad. He hasnt physically abuse me, but emotinal, definataly. I just had my daughter and I dont want to continue with this relationship, because I never experienced this in y home while growing up, but he does come from an unhealthy broken home, and I am affraid he's going to end up like his parents, and I have told him that. We bought a house together, and I definately make ore $ than he does but the house is on his name because of my credit at that time, not even the title is under my name, because I was thinking of buying an investment property. I love my 2 kids and I dont want to deny them to see their dad, and I know he loves them 2, but they will not be better with him, my mother has taken care of my kids since they were born, his parents, nowhere around, and beleve me, is better that way. I am just scared, because he says he have a lot of friends, he's an ex marine, and I dont show him Im scared, but deep inside I a, because I think I would go crazy without them, as a matter of fact, one of the reason Im still with him, is because when I start thinking about sharing them and not spending a Christmas or a birthday without them, hurts me like crazy. Please help, what are the posibilities of him getting custody. What should I do?? I can be reached at arlenemtg@msn.com I appreciate it

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