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From: Rissa
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Date: 12 Jul 2005
Time: 12:05:32
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Okay my names marissa. I am 15 years old and i will be 16 October 18th 2005. I live in San antonio. I have lived here my whole life and my parents are steady....my dad has a drinking problem...and he gets really angry it honestly scares me! My mother......well she doesnt really have any problems...just when she gets upset shell start cussing at me or if i say anything to my oldest sister Sara who is 17 going to be 18 in august of this year. I live in a nice house but its hell! My parents say its just me that I have problems but..... I dont think thats entirely true. I ran away once before but I came back and they told me that the next time they would send me to juvenile.....I feel that once I turn 16 and get a job that I could make it on my own. Is it possible for me to move out? My parents told me just recently that once I turn 16 that I could move out if I want...all I could tell them was that was basically me running away and that they would call the cops and me and all they said was "dont get caught" I have witnesses that heard it come from there mouth? So what if I do run away what could happen to me if I do get caught? How long would I have to stay hidden? Would I have to withdraw from the skool I was attneding and move somewhere else? What legal papers would I need to take with me? If anyone can help me please send me a message to BabyMerMer@aol.com. Please I need advice!

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