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Custody Evaluation Video for use in a custody evaluation available direct download or DVD.

Win Child Custody Video (recommended for everyone involved in a child custody case) available in direct download or DVD


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Custody Evaluation


Father in California - "With the knowledge and practical techniques taught on the custody evaluation video, I have gained custody of all four children."

Mother in New York - "I was afraid of the evaluation.  I received your video one week before my first appointment and studied it.  I have come out the other side with a positive recommendation for the kids.  Hurray!  Please let me know if I may be of help to others going through this.  Thank You."

Grandmother in Florida - "An extremely difficult situation, but I could not allow the child to suffer the choices of my daughter any longer...  After reviewing your video I knew how to present my issues in the evaluation.  Thank you for your commitment to children and the valuable information."

Father in Georgia - "My ex was putting the kids and I through H_ _ _ and I had to do something about it.  Using your techniques and information, I was able to get the evaluator to recommend my position with the children.  THANK GOD.  The mother is now in counseling for anger management and parenting."

Mother in Texas - "The evaluation went exactly as expected.  Without this information I would have been lost.  Thank you for being there."

Mother in Washington - "Our evaluation starts next week.  Thank you for providing the video service to help. I know I would have fallen into a trap if I had not had this information."

Step-Mom in Colorado - "My husband thought we would not get custody.  I ordered your video and we won!  There is justice for fathers after all."



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